Based within the Health & Wellness Clinic on Falsgrave Road in Scarborough, Sole Care Podiatry offers a variety of specialist foot care treatments and services. We pride ourselves on offering a highly professional service, in a modern, comfortable and friendly environment. All our podiatrists are degree qualified and registered with the HCPC.

nb. please note there are several steps up to the clinic. May not be suitable for people with mobility problems

Health & Wellness Clinic, Falsgrave Road, Scarborough
Sole Care Podiatry
Podiatry Treatments

General Foot Care

Painful corns, hard/cracked skin, thickened or ingrowing toenails and fungal infections

Diabetic Foot Care

Regular foot checks and care to aid in the prevention of complications arising from diabetes

Verruca Treatments

Treatments for verrucas - Cryotherapy or

Caustic Treatment,

Nail Surgery

Minor surgical procedure for chronic or recurrent ingrowing toenails or thickened, mishapen or problematic nails.

Lacuna for Fungal Nail

A technique used for the treatment for fungal nails